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3902358 Cable principal MARINE (AM01)

3902413 Cable MARINE Yamaha/Selva MARINE (AM06)

3151/AP01 Cable principal BIKE

3151/AP02 Cable Aprilia SAGEM Systems

3151/AP03 Cable Aprilia SYNERJECT Systems

3151/AP05 Cable Triunph/Victory/OBD

3151/AP07 Cable Universal

3151/AP10 Cable Harley Davidson MARELLI Systems up to 2000

3151/AP11 Cable Kawasaki Generic 2009 

3151/AP12 Cable Reprogramación Suzuki y Kagiva

3151/AP13 Cable Benelli Systems SAGEM/WALBRO/ATHENA

3151/AP15 Cable Generic Suzuki 2003

3151/AP17 Cable Harley Davidson 4 PIN from 2000

3151/AP20 Cable Honda Generic

3151/AP22 Cable Kawasaki Z750/Z1000 Series from 2007 to 2009

3151/AP23 Cable Ducati from 2010

3151/AP27 Cable Kawasaki Racing BIKE Powersport 

3151/AP29 Cable Kawasaki Vn/Vulcan 1700 & Concours/GTR (2007-09)

3151/AP30 Cable Kawasaki Motocross 

3151/AP32 Cable SYM/TGB

3151/AP34 Cable MV Augusta

3151/AP35 Cable Harley Davidson 6 PIN

3151/AP37 Cable Road & Off Road BMW Kit from 1999

3151/AP39 Cable KTM/HUSABERG

3151/AP43 Cable BRP

3151/AP45 Cable Polaris/Indian/Victory

3151/AP46 Cable Kimco

3151/AP47 Cable Yamaha 4 PIN

3151/AP49 Cable Yamaha T-MAX 530

3151/AP59 Cable Yamaha

3151/AP61 Cable for Royal Enfield EURO 3/4

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